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How to Weather Any Storm: Love What You Hate Doing

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All in life is a choice at some point.

True power in life comes from knowing this and accepting the responsibility it entails. There are a thousand ways we can defer our own culpability in the world’s ‘crimes’ against us. But victim mentality is a downward spiral.

So the simplest way to change from hating to loving what you do is to choose to. You can stop reading now, if you want, that’s the gist of this post.

You choice defines your life, it’s defines what you like and what you hate. A lot of life is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Brewing up a Storm

It’s also possible that you hate yourself for doing what you dislike. That you cannot change the situation, that you’re powerless, that the events of your life have conspired against you to land you in this unfortunate situation. Let’s take a common example.

Exercise sucks. I struggle with it. Especially at gyms. Go some place be inefficient for an hour to become healthy. Walk nowhere, cycle nowhere, or row nowhere… I feel like a damn hamster.

The simple fix is trying a sport with other people. It’s a change in situation or environment and a change in perspective that changes a hate into a bit of love. Sometimes you hate just part of a thing, the gyms in exercise, but not the being active in sport.

If it’s not clear skies – Gain Some Perspective

Don’t over focus on that one little black cloud until it expands to fill your view and looks like a broiling angry thunderstorm heralding the end of the world and your doomed career. Seriously back the hell up, it’s a necessary evil, it’s that little black dot in your yang. It’s there to balance things out, to make you appreciate that which you love. Life is sweet and sour; so you can tell the difference. Stop whining and move on.

If it’s a storm and you’re the tea cup – Ground yourself

Have a look at your life and then decide what matters and why you do what you do. Do you have bills that cannot be deferred? Do you have children or a wife that need to be supported? Are you even trapped or is this just in your head and all you need to do is talk or find some release? The wilderness and unplugging work wonders when asking these sort of questions.

In a stressful and challenging world we can work ourselves up into a froth. We can delude ourselves into believing that our world is a dark and overcast misery. It’s a choice to see only the negative. It’s a choice to not seek help. It’s also a choice to hide your suffering because you underestimate the help others will give you. Take a breath. Speak up.

If it’s a real thunderstorm – Buckle Down and Resist

Your work may be a struggle. But then maybe you’re standing there with Leonidas and his 299 other Spartans. You’re weathering a storm like no one else can because you’re a hero. You’re doing it for your family, you’re doing so you can ascend. So you can grow and improve for your future gain. That’s a way to love yourself; to recognize that sacrifice you make for others or your future self.

This mental shift enables you to face your enemy, your struggle, and look for it’s weak points. It allows you to look for ways to overcome, to rise up and defeat that which stands against you and your future glory. You’re a hero after all, go be heroic.

This momentum can push you over that ridge that prevents you from seeing a brighter day dawning. And trust me climbing a mountain changes you. Struggle changes you. It either destroys you or it forges you into something magnificent. The choice is yours.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge…

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

If it is a Malestorm – Grab whats dear and duck

So you zoomed out and there were still more black clouds, howling wind and debris blown across empty streets devoid of life and any assistance. You are utterly alone in this world of impending doom?


If you cannot leave now, then plan to. Start building that raft and the means to leave whatever is hounding you like Hurricane Katrina. At the very least this controllable action on your own part will reduce the angst that is building up that you are powerless and doomed. Often in an uncontrollable, disastrous situation, we can still control how we react. Sometimes it simply requires taking a breath and taking action. Any action, in any direction is better than inaction and being overwhelmed.  Don’t panic, but act now.

Riding out the Storm 

Bad weather comes and goes; it’s part of life. Nothing but sunshine each and every day would drive most people mad in the end. We need something to struggle against, something that challenges us, something that makes us build ourselves into something more.  We need the odd storm to remind us that we’re alive.

Photo Credit: ryanmcginnisphoto via Compfight cc

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