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I am 25 years old.

I followed the typical path to success so often dolled out by Baby Boomer parents. “Study and get a good job, work hard and retire, then enjoy the fruits of your labour”.

So I studied two degrees, got some experience, and got a good job at an industry leading company – that really was the top of it’s game. It was a great opportunity. I worked there for a year, working 60+ hours a week, giving my very best at every possible opportunity. I was pretty good at what I did, even if I do say so myself.

But after a year, with little recognition from my superiors, with utter frustration at the slow progress, the politics, the in fighting, and the bureaucracy – I had enough. I am what one would call a lazy person. Though that is not truly accurate, I am happy to work, and in my new ventures I work longer hours, I even work seven days a week. But I am not happy with a 1:1 ratio in terms of effort and reward.

But I do not want to work like this forever. I don’t think I need to. I think that that would be a tragic waste of time. My goals are to succeed online, in ways that provide me with financial freedom, but most importantly freedom in terms of time. Money without time has little value, and money cannot buy you time. Regardless of whatever you have heard money cannot buy you time. You have all the time you will ever have given to you at the moment you are born. From that moment, the sand starts running, and tiny slivers of your life are cut away second by second. Never to return. Every moment past is a precious thing never to be had again.

Though this may come across bleak, that is not the intention, the intention is to emphasize the value of the one commodity that you have full control over and have all of it when you start out in life. A day job is a contract to sell your time in monthly blocks for a monthly payment.

Being frustrated with the lack of return on my efforts, I became a freelancer taking the clients I had from after hours work, and focusing my efforts at removing my ‘boss’. The problem with this sort of arrangement is that you end up with many bosses. You sell your time now in hourly blocks at higher rates but you are still selling you time.

My goal now is to succeed without selling my time. My goal is to not have one boss, or in fact many bosses, but to rather have customers and to rather sell expertise or information or a service that is time-independent.

I am inspired by the likes of Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse, Richard Branson, and Rich Schefren among others. My future endeavours will be online, they will be multiplied by global reach, they will not be bottlenecked by what I can do in a day, and they will never sleep.

This blog serves to communicate the lessons I learn on this path, sharing them with others, possibly you, and hopefully learning more in return.

About The Blog

Zanedickens.com aims to share the funny and often insightful mistakes and lessons along my journey to become a self-sustaining, hammock-using, four hour work week creative online entrepreneur.  Documenting both my successes and failures as transparently as possible to bring out the adventure and human side of the online start-up. Reading between the lines of building an online business, and leaving the jargon on the sideline. I’ll share with you the lessons I learn from trying to build a sustainable – people, planet and profit focused online business. Hopefully saving you some time and some money and keeping you entertained along the way. It’s a journey with a five year time limit, from a 16 hour a day workaholic to a carefree arty beach bum on my own island.